Saturday, December 20, 2014

Khottie of the Week: Ultimate Khottie Battle Round 6--The Semi Finals

We're nearing the end of our Khottie battle! And color me surprised that this old dog has knocked out his competition and will stand tall against his competitor in the finals next week. 

Way to go Cha Seung Won.

Let's move right into the last semifinal battle to see who will face him. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Besides the Junsu show here in New York, which happened before I moved here, there is one other show which makes me all pouty that I missed--and that was the CNBlue and FTIsland double headder. Although to be honest its the Junsu one which keeps me up at night, wracked in tears and sobs over the missed opportunity. Me and McThrusty in the same room? *Swoon* Oh right, and the time Nell played in NY. I'd kill to see Nell play in real life. 

But the CNBlue, FTIsland is a close third. 

Anyway, after that unfortunate event where I was on one side of the country and the two bands I currently loved (It was early in my Kpop fandom) were playing on the other, I have managed to see CNBlue twice in concert, once last year at the Best Buy theater where, despite my craptastic seat, they were freaking awesome, and the second being at KCon. Now all that's left is FTIsland. 

And now they are coming here. 

The two concert dates were just announced the other day and in regular Kpop concert style, the tickets go on sale tomorrow. (WHY promoters? Why only give us like 48 hours notice? Harumph.) So as a present to my past self, I will be in line for a ticket. But which one? Do I spring for a high touch? Looking at the price of the ticket the high touch is just twenty dollars more than the GA ticket, so it's not that much of a stretch. 

Son Ye Jin--Stop Stalking Me!

I can't tell you how many times I've laughed through My Chilling Romance or wept through A Moment To Remember. As a not super lover of Korean Movies, they both rank up within my top 10. My Chilling Romance is funny, and scary, and super romantic all in one sweep. A Moment To Remember is crazy romantic, showing within just two hours the creation of one of the best couples, before ripping it all away, dashing you to tears. Both movies have high production values, are well written and very well acted. 

It wasn't until just now, like two years later, that I realized--Son Ye Jin is actually the heroine in both dramas. This might be old hat news to you, but for me? That old hat was blown from my head. I know, I know, you're probably like--how did you not know this? Did you watch both movies with your eyes closed? To which I say--yes, yes I always make it a habit of watching subtitled movies with my eyes closed--learning Korean by osmosis. 

How did I finally figure this out? Watching the holiday movies over at OKC, I just happened to put My Chilling Romance on Monday and A Moment to Remember the same week on Thursday. It was (embarrassingly) a good halfway through the second movie that I realized it was her. The lightbulb went on. Heyyyyy.....wait a minute! 

I really have no excuse either, I know who Son Ye Jin is, this fall I watched her kick a great deal of pirate, navy, and bandit ass in Pirates. I knew I'd seen her before--and after the movie, looked up her filmography and realized it was My Chilling Romance. I guess my eyes just stopped there and didn't go further down her filmography. 

Way to be thorough, Stephanie. You're a crack researcher. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Announcement

Hey guys! (More specifically guys who listen to the podcast.) You're going to notice that there is no podcast today. Bummer. Due to scheduling reasons, it works better for us to switch the week we air it. See, here's the thing--it actually takes me a really long time to take our actual hours long conversation down to a bloated sleek hour and a half podcast and having it on this schedule it conflicts with my Korean Movie Night (which is also every other week)--and who am I to say no to free Korean movies on the big screen! 

(Although last night was Attack on the Pinup Boys, I kind of wished I missed that as now I'm a little embarrassed for Super Junior. But I did win a really nice Korean calender out of it, so I guess it still counts as a pretty good night.) 

So there will be no podcast this week. We will resume our every other week schedule next week right in time for the holiday and we're planning something fun! 

Fish Eyed Kisses and Kdrama Backhugs, 
Stephanie and Cherry Cordial

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let's Go Fishing!

Well isn't this another funny coincidence? Last week No Min Woo was up in the Khottie battle and news was released on his joining a new drama. This week? Cha Seung Won is up in the semi finals and what do we have? News of his next project. 

It seems like I have a very strong magic in my hands. I must remember to use it only for good! 

Na PD has picked his next victems! The brilliant antagonist producer of the Grandpas Over Flowers, Noonas Over Flowers, Youths Before Flowers, and the latest Three Meals A Day released information on his next project. As Na PD is a bit of a ratings get (Three Meals A Day, the super basic variety show where his usual target for pain, Seo-jin, matched with Taecyeon have to cook--you guessed it--three meals a day, has received unexpectedly great ratings especially considering it's a cable show.) everyone has been eagerly awaiting this news. And it's pretty much as odd as the rest of his shows. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Musical Monday: The Nell Edition

SQUEEEE! Nell is back! It's like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one! 

I've made no secret of my love, no, my adoration of the band Nell. On Friday I was standing in line at the copier at Staples waiting for the lady in front of me to print, what seemed like, every page of every newspaper she's ever read, when I pulled out my phone to kill time on Youtube. And there it was. The sneak peek teaser of a new Nell song and the news that they would be releasing the new song before the drop of their next release. 

I literally squealed. Out loud. In Staples, In New York City. Yeah, I'll never get that dignity back....

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Khottie of the Week: Ultimate Khottie Battle Round 5 SemiFinals!

Can you belive the preliminaries are over? What a great time we've had--I'm almost sad I didn't make it go longer! For our last round, unlike all the rest, it was no contest--this person took an early lead and not only kept it for the whole week--but fairly decimated the competition!

Congratulations Mr Cheekbones!

Onto business. Here is what our scoreboard looks like:

Hot diggity dog that was hard! So many khotties to choose from, and now there are some sad, sad manly men out there who probably need a hug in consolation for their losses. It's kind of interesting, that it's the older men who made it through to the fray, beating back their younger competitors. With the exception of Seo In Guk of course--I'm still not sure how he managed to beat out Gong Yoo--I'm guessing some sort of devilish pact. 

Now onto the semi-finals!