Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Hong Sisters are Back--Almost

Great news drama fans, after much speculation as to their long hiatus (well, speculation by me) the Hong Sisters have emerged from whatever pun-laden hole they were were hiding in. 

Details are slim, very slim, with the exception of the fact that they have pitched to MBC--where I see the conversation going something like this:

Hong Sisters: We were thinking....
MBC: YES! We want it! When can you have it ready? 

Cramming In Kdrama Update: Everything's going so well!

Is what I think to myself as I cross another drama off my end of the year list--but then  as I look at the remaining list--I realize I have a long ways to go. It's almost daunting as, now that I've committed myself to this challenge, I'm determined to do it right. 

First two weeks? Gangbusters. I finished several dramas and completed a few more. Last week? My watching declined sharply--however I did get to go to Korean movie night for a viewing of Lee Joon's Rough Play and was delighted to be invited to the Korean Movie festival where I watched Gyeongju where there was a question and answer session with the director. (Thanks Madeline for the ticket!) 

So it's not like I didn't watch anything, it's just with the amount of dramas on the list, my efforts were subpar, unacceptable, F-. 

I'm still also having trouble finding a bit of a balance between watching dramas and actually blogging about them as I feel a responsibility to both. (I sound like such an exciting person, don't I?) I long for the days when I will have a laptop again, and I can more easily do both. 

Onto the results! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Musical Monday: The GD X Taeyang Edition

You guys go right ahead — check out the song — enjoy it even. Me? I am boycotting the song. I refuse to listen on principal. Why? I am very upset with the members of BigBang, any of their sub-groups, and in particular, their leader GD.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Soundtrack Sunday: My Lovable Girl

To say that I was underwhelmed by this soundtrack would be a bit of an understatement. Not that the music was bad — I just had high expectations. I mean, Rain is in this drama. And Krystal. And L. And it’s about the music industry. AND Rain and Krystal are music composers — supposedly the best in the business, according to the drama. You can see how the writers built it up here, right?

So, maybe it was to be expected that there’d be a bit of a let-down. Still, I was disappointed. I mean, Rain isn't even on the sound track. What?? Admittedly, for most of the show, his charater, Hyun Wook, was a tortured artist who had given up his craft out of grief. But near the end, he picked it back up again. Hyun Wook even wrote a bit of a song for Se Na (Krystal) the second to last episode. That would have been the perfect time for us to enjoy a bit of Rain singing, right? Sadly, no.

So, I’ll share a few of the songs that were featured throughout the show instead.

My Lovable Girl - In the End, Only Semi-Lovable

Let me start off by saying that I would literally watch anything with Rain in it. ANYTHING. He’s my ultimate bias, and when I heard he was in a Kdrama, I squealed. Out loud. I was breathless, I was so excited. Being that he’s in movies — and Hollywood movies now, too — I just (despairingly) thought he was done with Kdramas.

So, enter My Lovable Girl (also known as My Lovely Girl or She’s So Lovable).

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Khottie of the Week: Ultimate Khottie Battle--Round 2

What a crazy week! I'm so happy to see how many votes we got and hugely surprised to see the results as they went along. Choi Jin Hyuk pulled out to a big fast lead, but then Song Joong Ki and Cha Seung Won battled for supremacy for most of the midweek. By Friday we had a three way tie (sorry Park Hae Jin--you never had a chance.)

So the Winner of round one for Ultimate Khottie, who will come back to battle again? 

(Congratulations to Aimee who campaigned hard for him over at OKC!) 
Now onto Round 2! (Remember--these choices are here by post popularity, how many times the original post has been hit divided by the weeks they've been on the list--so basically? These are all your choices!)

Incoming: Super Junior!

Hold onto your panties ladies — Super Junior is coming to the US! That's right, Eunhyuk! Siwon! Uhhh... Kangmin?... that one! And the other one!

Yeah, I really need to bone up on my Super Junior members. I see a new set of Kpop flash cards in my future: