Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Introduction: When It's at Night

So did you guess it? How yesterday's Musical Monday didn't just feed my new Big Bang obsession, but also fit in with what we're watching this week?

Kim Bum Sang. Or more specifically Lee Dong Gun, who starred in the MV Baby, Baby and this weeks show, When It's at Night. It's one of the few character names I remember off the top of my head. Have I mentioned I'm terrible with these names? Horrible. I'm working on it.

Anyway. I'm cheating a little bit and have pushed When It's At Night a few weeks ahead. Since I can't review Scent of a Woman until Drama Fever gets it or I shell out the money for an official copy (warning don't buy from Ebay--read why here) I decided to rewatch another show staring Kim Sun Ah.

Kim Sun Ah, for those of you who don't know, is an amazing actress. Her biggest hit was the drama My Lovely Sam Soon and When It's at Night is her first return to dramas after that. I won't get too much into her as I'm sure I have a spotlight planned for her soon.

When It's At Night is a great show. I chose it not because of Kim Sun Ah (because it took me almost a whole episode to realize where I'd seen her before) but because of the subject matter. The first book I wrote took place in a museum and I did a lot of research on art, museums, and their security. When I read that this show is essentially about a woman trying to hunt down stolen national treasures, I was in!

Interesting story (probably just to me, but you're getting it anyway). I started watching this before I got my Roku box. About 5 episodes in, the Roku box arrived and excitedly I set it up. To my surprise, the subtitles did not show up on the show! I was in a panic--absolutely certain I'd made a wrong decision in purchasing the Roku box and that I wasn't going to be able to watch Kdrama on it--the whole reason I'd broken down and purchased it. Well I took a deep breath, reeled in the panic, and tried another episode. Subtitles worked just fine.


Very rarely this will happen with DramaFever--subtitles just won't show up on the Roku box for a single episode. Well, long story long, I abandoned When It's at Night and moved on, eager to try out my new toy. About a month later, I gave it another try and the subtitles worked just fine!

When I first saw this show, I thought, okay, that was pretty good, nothing special. But as I go on, I appreciate it more. Now, it is my total I'm feeling blue, sick, or just want to sack out show. It's not perfect, I remember really not caring for the first couple of episodes, but probably after about 4 it got really good. (About where Bum Sang learns part of her back story and realizes why she acts the way she does) Now when I rewatch, I totally cheat and start from about that episode.

Okay, now that I've totally gone off, here are the stats. When It's at Night (alternate titles:  Everyday Night, When Night Comes, and Night After Night) played on MBC 6/23/08-8/19/08 with fair ratings. Lee Dong Gun won an 2008 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award - Actor for his roll as Kim Bum Sang.

Summary from DramaFever:

When It’s At Night is Kim Sun Ah’s first follow-up to the smash sensation My Lovely Sam Soon — the drama that made her a star. She brings her quirky charm to the role of an Inspector at Korea’s Cultural Theft Division in a lighter Tomb-Raider-esque tale of art theft and treasure hunting. Charming, funny, and alternately suave and rambunctious, When It’s At Night co-stars Lee Dong Gun of Lovers in Paris as a slick, womanizing art expert.

After her treasure-hunter father is branded a thief by Korea’s Cultural Heritage Administration and disappears, Heo Cho Hwi (Kim Sun Ah) decides to follow in his footsteps, but on the side of the law. Seven years later, she is an art discoverer who is committed to protecting the nation’s artifacts. Investigating art crime all over the country, she hopes that one of them will lead her to her father.

On the other hand, Kim Bum Sang (Lee Dong Gun), an expert specializing in detecting forgeries and restoring original art pieces, is in it for the fame and money. When the two are paired together to track down stolen cultural heritage pieces, they immediately clash. With the dedicated preservationist and the hotshot playboy working together as a team, all sorts of sparks begin to fly, and they just might prove the law that “opposites attract”…

You can watch the whole show on DramaFever: here

Here is a trailer I found on YouTube. The audio is terrible, but you can get the gist of the awesome show!


  1. Hmm, I thought at first the title just varied, but I'm fairly certain (after a wiki search) that the link to this from your review page took me to an intro about "When it's at Night" as opposed to "I Really, Really Like You." It's funny, because I was thinking of starting IRRLY but this little mix up now has me leaning more towards starting WIAN, which I hadn't even heard of before now (Kim SunAh!). Anyways, I thought you should know about the misdirecting link :)

    1. Whoops! Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know...

    2. All fixed! And that is so funny--I was just rewatching the last episode of IRRLY this morning!