Thursday, August 1, 2013

Barefoot Friends Episode 15

We did it! We made it to the end of the diving! I didn’t think we’d ever get here. And everybody cried. Eunhyuk cried, Uee cried, Yoon Shi Yoon’s mom cried, Uee cried, Coach cried, I cried, and then Uee cried some more. I love the fact that the guys now make fun of her for it. I’m hoping it becomes a joke like Yoon Shi Yoon’s math skills. I’m pretty sure this episode was half new footage, half montage. As I just finished King of Drama’s this weekend, now whenever I see a montage I laugh and know there’s an Anthony behind the scenes yelling for filler. But it was of course good to see how far our friends have come in a month.

So last week I got all ranty talking about Yoon Shi Yoon’s family were the only ones who bothered to show up. Turns out I was wrong. In the first few minutes we learned Eun-hyuks’ mother and sister showed up cheer sign in hand and Uee’s group, Afterschool showed up to support her as well! Awww.... every time we saw them wave a sign, pray, or cry I got all choked up. (Yeah, I’m like Uee, I do things like that.) It was just so freaking cute. Family’s coming out to support their kids? It was just another little glimpse into their life. 

How much do I want Eunhyuk and Yoon Shi Yoon to the the BFF’s they appear to be on screen? From the very beginning of the show they just sort of ended up together and as each episode ticks by we get to see them becoming closer and closer. My fondest wish is to hear some sort of news article with a picture of them hanging out together off camera. Yep. That would totally make my day. I know that over everything else this is an entertainment program and these people need to put their best foot forward and look like they all get along even if they don’t, but in the case of Eunhyuk and Yoon Shi Yoon, I just think the fact that they are almost always next to each other, and the multiple PDA? There has got to be something there. Right? Right?
It’s best to just agree with me. 

While we may have been a little done about 8 episodes ago with the diving--but if we look back to why they started this turn of the show--to get the cast bonded as a group? Well, in that case, this was a total slam dunk. This diving section has melded them as a group more than any of the other tasks combined. Not to mention the fact that as these episodes have gone on, the editors have slowly gotten better. A bit. A little bit. But every little bit helps right? I’m interested in seeing what happens in our next set of episodes. 

Speaking of which--isn’t it weird that there was no teaser for next week? Not even a hint as to what the next challenge will be? And I haven’t heard anything in the news regarding any sightings on cast or film crew. As we finished watching I teased Cherry Cordial that this obviously meant that this was their last episode and the network had finally pulled the plug. I think I might have made her cry. (Just kidding Cherry.) Obviously, I was just teasing her--but wouldn’t that be horrible? I’ve become addicted to my weekly dose of my new Friends.
Top 5 Moments

1) Kang Ho Dong hauling the assistant coach after his last dive and then when Kim Hyun Joong finished his own dive tossed him over his shoulder for good measure.

2) The crowd bursting out into laughter before we even knew what they were laughing about was Jong-shin’s legion of lifeguards jumping into the pool.

3) Coach crying after Eun-hyuk’s last springboard dive. She knew he could do it, knew how hard he worked--and when he did it? Couldn’t hold back her tears. And then I cried.

4) Eun Ji Won’s increasingly lower bows culminating in the one after third dive belly flop landed him on the ground.

5) This guy’s argyle swimsuit. After our friends wearing at least 12 different layers, it made me laugh to see this random guy not only in a swimsuit--but a bright pink argyle one.


“He tends to do as he pleases.” It may irrritate the coach but that’s what we love about Eun Ji Won.
“She’s 16? I’m 28!” 

“Oh, that’s me!” I love me some spacy Kim Hyun Joong.

“He is Kim Tak Gu of diving!”
“This started with him, he should take responsibility.” So Yoon Shi Yoon needs to do well...or else...

“Let’s not be sentimental. Lets just do our best.”
“Oh, suddenly I hate her! Why? Because she’s so good.”

“She must be tired of crying. Crying and diving.”
“I can’t go over to the guys like this!”

You’re crying again? Is that water or tears?”

“I patted his butt a lot.”

“When you see a lifeguard that means it’s Jong-shin’s turn.”


  1. I really loved seeing the fruits of their labor, but I'm soooo ready to move on. And no preview doesn't mean cancellation, Stephanie! I'm not listening to you anymore, lalalalalala! (Picture me with hands over ears).

    1. LAUGH@ I'm sure it would have been splashed around if it had been canceled. Like what we're hearing with Knee Drop Guru. Kang Ho-dong must be pretty worried right about now.

  2. I heard that the next project was to compose a song together, with lyrics and everything. I guess the cast came up with the idea, or something like that . . .

    1. Now you have me worried. Those are my least favorite episodes of RUnning Man. Hrm. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Yoon Shiyoon and Eunhyuk are close even before the show! There was a happy together episode (during bonamana promotions, i think) where both eunhyuk and siyoon are there as guests. Leeteuk said that Eunhyuk and Siyoon are actually close. Eunhyuk even shared a story of when the two of them met up somewhere to hang out. <3<3<3

    1. Wow! I didn't know that! It's funny how the show didn't mention it. Now I'm going to have to try and find that episode

    2. u can find dat epi in youtube.u just need to search yoon shi yoon in youtube :)